Sonic Logo

What is a Sonic Logo?

Music is mankind’s greatest common denominator. So what better way to engage consumers and listeners with a melodic reminder of who you are? A sonic logo is essentially a musical note or series of notes that captures the essence of your product or company. Netflix uses a short kick drum with a single tone. McDonalds has the world singing, “Bada Ba Ba Ba, I’m loving it.” We are introducing the signature sound that in the future will instantly communicate iHeartRadio without saying a word, our original sonic logo.

Primary Sonic Logo

Select a sonic logo from your formats folder for use in your iHeartRadio production.

Sonic logo should be used primarily at the end of your production.

The sonic logo includes the heartbeats. Do not cut down, fade out, or otherwise omit them from your production.

Accompanying beds are provided for use at your discretion. They can help mesh the sonic logo to otherwise tricky segues.

Secondary Sonic Logo

You may use the vocal versions of the sonic logos at your discretion.

Improper Usage

Don’t use the sonic logo on it’s own with no iHeartRadio messaging surrounding it.

Don’t use the sonic logo in any production that already includes your own stations sonic logo.

Don’t create your own sonic logo. If you would like to request a specific version for your station please send a request to

Don’t use the accompanying beds for any production other than its corresponding sonic logo.

Don’t place any voice over the sonic logo. It should never be used under a tag.

Sponsor tags should be placed before the sonic logo.

You may share your formats logos and work parts with your non-iHeartMedia independent imaging/production contractors, but do not share your usernames/passwords.