iHeartRadio Logo

The iHeartRadio logo is the primary means of identifying our company, and should never be recreated or otherwise manipulated. This is essential to maintain a consistent presentation of our identity.

  • Includes: AI, EPS, PDF and PNG files of the below versions

Primary Logotype

Secondary Logotype

Brand in Type

Primary:       iHeartRadio


Avoid:          i Heart Radio






The iHeartRadio logo should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space. The stacked version of the logo should maintain a clearspace margin equal to the width divided by three. The horizontal version should maintain a clearspace equal to the width divided by nine. 

Stacked Logo minimum size:

  • 100 pixels

  • 1.4 Inches

  • 3.5 cm


Horizontal logo minimum size:

  • 300px

  • 4.2 inches

  • 10.6 centimeters


Listen On iHeartRadio Button

Featured on iHeartRadio? Download the official 'Listen On iHeartRadio' button for web or print needs. 

Please do not resize, distort, or modify the button. Please use Primary Button when designs permit. Thank you

Improper Usage

The following approaches are either improper or being deprecated by the iHeartRadio brand team. Please notify the brand team if you encounter the logo used in this manner.

DON'T use non-standard brand colors behind the logo knockout in product applications. 

DON'T reverse the mark colors in a knockout.

DON'T place on a background with inadequate contrast or reduced legibility. 

DON'T use two color versions of the logo, even if you are retaining the approved color palette. Use the gray. 

DON'T use the color logo when placing on a full-color or photo background. Use the one-color white logo. 

DON'T use the Logo Mark itself should never be used without the correct usage of the Logo Type. 

DON'T skew the logo or logo background. 

DON'T change the colors within the logo, even if it is just reordering them. 

DON'T put a dropshadow behind the logo.                             

DON'T adjust the size relationship between the Logo Mark and Logo Type in either of the lockups. 

DON'T use the logo mark as a gradient.                             

DON'T use either of the vertical logo lockups in Automotive applications. 

Deprecated Versions

Please update to the latest version - DO NOT USE:



When the iHeartRadio logo is used outside the United States, the following variations must be used for each respective territory:


New Zealand



iHeartRadio All Access

iHeartRadio Plus

Special Use Horizontal Stack Version

(Please email brand@iheartmedia.com for special usage permission)