Below are downloads for our app icons and icons used within our product. 

App Icons

Includes .pngs of iOS, Android and Auto Launcher Icons        

Wearables Icon Sheet

Includes .PSD and .EPS of icons optimized for Wearables. (Internal Only Download)


Web Icon Sheet

Includes icons seen across the web platform in .AI and .EPS

(Internal Only Download)

Mobile Icon Sheet

Includes all mobile @2x Icons in .AI and .EPS

(Internal Only Download)


Home Icon Sheet

Includes .AI and .EPS files for Home and specifically Xbox One

(Internal Only Download)


Auto Icon Sheet

Includes .PSD and .EPS files of icons used on Auto platforms

(Internal Only Download)

Usages To Keep In Mind

When creating a new icon, please keep these usages in mind to match the style of the family of icons.

No smaller than 30 pixels (at the smallest measurement)


Exterior shapes are rounded, or have rounded corners. Interior corners or cut-out shapes may have sharp corners.


Stroke - 0.5 pixels to 2 pixels. depending on icons’ overall size. 


Icon are one color


Icons remain flat, as if all one shape.           


Design from a straight-on perspective, not an angle

No larger than 200 pixels (at the largest point)         


Clearance and significant padding is left around the icon. "Touch points” are a minimum of 48px in size.


Icons with “Selectable” state should be filled in, unselected should be outlines


No shadows or lighting. Cut-outs express spacial distance.