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When designing for iHeartRadio for the web, content is optimized for all screen sizes. The design is simple and has a focal hero section that calls relevant and timely content to our users. Our site design utilizes responsive principles to be compatible with mobile devices and the use of native controls. Our web application fuses brand marketing, advertisements and local station content into a cohesive and clean web site.



The iHeartRadio apps for mobile allow our users to quickly find and listen to their favorite stations wherever they are. Searching for and navigating content is easy and navigation is always accessible and intuitive. Our focus on colors, legible type, usability, and layouts appropriate to specific devices give content meaning and hierarchy. Simplicity and depth places our vast audio selection in digestible visual layers. The use of our mobile app delights through interaction, artwork, and style to encourage the user to return. Once the user is playing a station, nothing gets in the way of discovering new stations or enjoying album art. 

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iHeartRadio Wear apps make it easy for listeners to access their favorite music from their most familiar wearable, the smart watch. This app continues iHeartRadio's focus on consumer access and convenience. Users can seamlessly control their iHeartRadio listening experience right from their wrist, making it easy to find and listen to their stations while on-the-go. Features include Voice Activation to search through over 1,900 live radio stations or 450,000 artist stations simply by saying the station or artist’s name. Android Wear users are given quick access to their Favorites, and are served up   For You, a tailored recommendations list based on their listening habits. iHeartRadio Wear users also have Quick access to on-the-spot station feedback with Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down buttons - all without needing to pull out a phone.

Example of iHeartRadio for Android Wear

Example of iHeartRadio for Android Wear


Home Entertainment

iHeartRadio for Home is a 10-foot, lean-back experience bringing the iHeartRadio app into the living room through game consoles and connected home theater devices. Whether playing music for a party, catching up on the morning news, or listening to your favorite sports programs, the app brings over 800 radio stations straight to your living room.  Experience iHeartRadio with the best speakers in the house, and with the app where audio content is king. Our player controls, album art and typography are designed to be legible enough to see across a room and can cater to remote controls as well as hand sensors. When idle, our controls take the back seat to let beautiful album art decorate your living room wall. 



iHeartRadio for Auto complements and serves the driving experience, without distracting from it. Content and features are easily understood at a glance and require little focus to access. Interface elements that are critical to decision-making are presented clearly and prominently, with messaging written concisely and used sparingly. The most relevant and frequently used iHeartRadio content is surfaced at the top level to minimize driver distraction. We choose to leave out overly complex tasks which distract the driver and instead have these handled on a separate platform.